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Revo Uninstaller Pro
Revo Uninstaller Pro helps you to uninstall software and to remove unwanted programs easily! Even if you have problems uninstalling and cannot uninstall them using their uninstall module or Windows Control Panel applet.

With its advanced and fast algorithms, Revo Uninstaller Pro analyzes the program's data before the uninstall and scans for remnants after the uninstall of a program, so you can remove the unnecessary files, folders and registry keys that usually left over on your computer.

Revo Uninstaller Pro has a very powerful feature called Forced Uninstall. It helps you to remove stubborn programs, partially installed programs, partially uninstalled programs, and programs not listed as installed at all!

To remove a program completely and without leaving a trace, you can monitor all system changes made during its installation and then use that information to uninstall the traced program with one click only – simple and easy!

Main Features

  • icon Advanced scanning for leftovers

    After the regular uninstall Revo Uninstaller Pro scans for leftovers, using advanced algorithms that are precise, fast and very effective in search for leftover files, folders and Registry items.

  • icon Forced

    By the program's name and/or leftover file it is easy to remove corrupted programs, partially installed programs, partially uninstalled programs, and programs not listed as installed at all.

  • icon Real-Time
    Installation Monitor

    To remove a program completely, you can monitor all system changes made during its installation and the process is done in real time – simultaneously with the installation. Then, using logged data, it is easy to uninstall the program with one click only.

  • icon Multi-Level

    Revo Uninstaller Pro creates its own backups of removed registry keys, values, files and folders using a Backup Manager. For better protection it also creates a Windows System Restore point and full Registry backup before each uninstall.

  • icon Hunter

    This feature gives you a flexibility to uninstall (stop or delete) programs with one click by simply dragging the Hunter window, with the mouse cursor, over desktop icons, quick launch toolbar, in the system tray or to the open program's window.

  • icon 8 Additional

    There are also 8 tools that help you to clean your computer: Junk Files Cleaner, Windows Tools, Autorun Manager, Browsers Cleaner, Microsoft Office Cleaner, Windows Cleaner, Evidence Remover, Unrecoverable Delete.

Revo Uninstaller Pro is fully compatible with
32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows XP,
Windows Vista, and Windows 7

Windows XP     Windows Vista     Windows 7



  • Touchito:
    Revo Uninstaller Pro protects the registry and it's an emergency tool. Cleaning the registry is always risky, no matter the software used to do it. Revo Uninstaller Pro reduces the need of registry cleaning precisely where a registry cleaner got to do the most of its job and be more accurate.

  • David Jackson:
    Much better than Windows uninstaller. Great product to do what windows uninstaller won't. Easy to use. Does what it says and have many advanced features.

  • Dennis H.:
    I strongly recommend Revo Uninstaller Pro, as it takes up where the inbuilt uninstaller leaves off. It was able to get rid of programs that I had not been otherwise able to remove, and with its deep search, there was no need to go in and remove the remaining files manually. Works extremely well.

  • Keith W. P.:
    I've used this program to clear all the leftovers that screw things up and cause compatibility issues after normal uninstalls. If you are searching for an perfect uninstaller than Revo is the best solution!!!