My computer was infected with an unwanted program "" which I could not uninstall using the windows uninstaller - it was not detected as an installed program. I found Revo Uninstaller after a web search and after some mails to their support team, the problem was solved. I can therefore unreservedly recommend Revouninstaller for the removal of unwanted programs. The support team provided first class assistance.

Bernard Curtis, Switzerland.

Revo Uninstaller Pro protects the registry and it's an emergency tool. Cleaning the registry is always risky, no matter the software used to do it. Revo Uninstaller Pro reduces the need of registry cleaning precisely where a registry cleaner got to do the most of its job and be more accurate. I can uninstall the bad application immediately, before it's too late to do anything else.


Does an amazing job for forcing out programs you don't want. Good to try and good to buy.


Wow! .. I've been using the free version for a few years. Today I bought the Pro version -- and just WOW! The level of detail. i.e. Inside the traced programs "log": Properties Tab, Registry Items Tab, and the Files and Folders Tab. Just spectacular! Love that I can just right click on an install and "Install with Revo Installer Pro". Between this and CCleaner Pro, people will NEVER have to reinstall their OS's.


Much better than Windows uninstaller.
Great product to do what windows uninstaller won't. Easy to use. Does what it says and have many advanced features.

David Jackson

Best uninstaller out there so far.
The best out there, the one that cleans the most not leaving any garbage behind. Download it, try it out . This is one uninstaller that dose what it said to do.

Kevin T.

Best uninstaller ever!
I've used this program to clear all the leftovers that screw things up and cause compatibility issues after normal uninstall's. If you are searching for an perfect uninstaller than Revo is the best solution!!!

Keith W. P.

Excellent. Easy. Does what it says.
I strongly recommend Revo Uninstaller Pro, as it takes up where the inbuilt uninstaller leaves off. It was able to get rid of programs that I had not been otherwise able to remove, and with its deep search, there was no need to go in and remove the remaining files manually. Works extremely well.

Dennis H.

I really love your program. It always works, it gets rid of the left over files and does a fantastic job. Helps me keep my computer lean and clean and working great.


Over the years I've tried trial software, decided against it, removed it. All's good. Later, reconsidered to re-evaluate the software and the trial was expired even though I had removed it. No such problem with Revo Uninstaller Pro. Exact same scene recently. I used a product for several days and they failed to give me access to their forum to help understand some of the complications of the program, so uninstalled with Revo Uninstaller. They eventually approved my forum access. While I was very disappointed with the company to begin with, I reinstalled their software and had the original 30 day trial! I've worked computers for 40 years. With Windows in particular it is near impossible to root out all the trash a program puts in the registry. Revo caught all of it, as if it had never been installed. Impressed! I was impressed with their trial as well and was luck to buy it on sale at a great price.

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